The Center for Restorative Justice (CRJ) is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization serving Bennington County, Vermont. For over 35 years, CRJ has been providing highly successful restorative justice programs, effective education and prevention resources, and valuable intervention services.quote 2

Over 1,500 individuals are served each year through CRJ’s programs. CRJ operates with a budget of approximately $575,000, of which approximately 80% comes from State of Vermont grants and contracts. CRJ is made up of an Executive Director, eight staff members, 10 governing board members, and nearly 50 community volunteers who serve on the agency’s many restorative justice panels.

Through CRJ’s community-based programs, individuals are given the opportunity to help themselves learn from their mistakes, gain new skills, make amends to their victims, give back to their community, and repair the harm they have caused. CRJ offers a wide variety of support services and programming to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients and community.

CRJ is an active member of the Vermont Association of Court Diversion Programs and the Community Justice Network of Vermont