CRJ offers a number of groups throughout the year.
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DRIVe – Driving Responsibly in Vermont

This program is designed for individuals who have criminal charges stemming from unsafe, impaired, and/or distracted driving. This program is held every month over Zoom. There is a program cost of $50.

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Girl’s Circle

This group is open to girls 14-17 years of age. The group is comprised of ten (10), 1.5 hour sessions and is designed to foster self-esteem and positive relationship with peers. A variety of instructional methods are used such as role playing, journaling, poetry, clay, and so on. Themes include trusting ourselves, friendship, body image, goals, competition and decision-making.

Boy’s Council

This group is open to boys age 14-18. The group is comprised of ten (10),  1.5 hour sessions. The program is designed to focus on boys’ natural strengths and broaden their understanding about being a male in today’s world, challenging myths about how to be a “real boy” or real man.” The Council engages boys in activities, dialogue and self expression. Themes include identifying and preventing bullying, promoting teamwork, developing empathy, resolving conflicts, healthy competition, respecting self and others, developing leadership, and healthy relationships.

Victim Impact Classes

This group is for young offenders and is geared to help them understand the impact their actions have on others while teaching them techniques to change their behaviors.

Retail Theft Class

This class will cover the impact on the individual, the community, and businesses when retail theft occurs. Participants will be supported to avoid becoming involved in similar situations in the future.  Homework will be required to be completed prior to attending class. Classes last 2 hours and are held in-person at CRJ. There currently is no fee to attend this class.  Limit: 8 Participants

Anger Management Group (18+ years of age)

This class will support participants to find new ways to better problem-solve and manage angry responses.  Participants will be required to complete homework prior to attending class. Classes are held in-person at CRJ. There currently is no fee to attend this class. Limit: 8 Participants.

Women’s Circle (18+ years of age)

A support group for women to share and explore, empower, build skills and encourage one another to live authentically in mind, body, heart and spirit.